Tri Folds

There are many different options available to present your information to your customers. In some cases, you may find that presenting brochures to your customers allows you to get the message across effectively and simply. One of the types of brochures that can be considered for this purpose is tri folds. If you would like information on the trifold format or for assistance in having something printed professionally, call on the services of Cyber Press for help. You can reach us on the telephone at (408) 970-9200 or CONTACT US on our website for additional information and to get started in printing your trifold brochures.


One of the primary benefits of using trifold is the fact that it can provide a wide variety of information in a rather compact package. When you present the brochure to your customer or potential client, it will not overwhelm them with a thick marketing packet. Rather, it is a handheld piece of information that can be unfolded to display additional details about your product or business. When done properly, it is very effective and is often well received when it is presented.


There are a number of things that should be considered when you have trifolds printed. When you contact Cyber Press for information about the printing of the brochures, you never need to be concerned about the professional way in which they will be printed. We will review the different options that are available to you and we always provide professionalism in all of our services. We can also assist you in making sure that the tri folds are designed properly as well. How is this possible?


We are not only a printing service, we have years of experience and we can use that experienced your benefit. We can provide you with some guidance as to what is typically presented in a trifold brochure and can work with you to ensure that your concepts are well represented. You can provide us with the stock photography or other digital images that are going to be included in the presentation or we can simply take your concept and design it.


Each and every custom printing job that is completed by Cyber Press is done with the customer and the impact of the item in mind. We work with customers of all sizes and can provide you with what is necessary to fit within your budget and other specific needs. We want you to know that it is never necessary to compromise on quality in order to stick to a budget. We will do what is necessary to make you more than satisfied with the end product.


Call Cyber Press today for more information about our services and how we can get started in printing you the tri folds that you need. Regardless of whether they’re going to be used for business presentations and attracting new customers or if you are using them in an inner office presentation, we have it covered.