Variable data addressing and personalization

Many businesses are familiar with the power of direct mail. There are things that can be done, however, which will increase the response rate over traditional direct mail. One of those options is variable data addressing and personalization. If you would like to discuss this option and see how it can benefit your business, call the professionals at Cyber Press for more information. You can either call us using our telephone number, (408) 970-9200 or you can fill out the form on our website and a fairly professional will be back with you shortly.


When you use variable data addressing and personalization, it allows your piece to be printed and changed on demand. In some cases, it can be used to insert the name of the individual that is being contacted but any feature of the printcan be changed, including charts and images. This feature is able to grab the attention of the recipient and makes it much more likely that they will take action. After all, they are receiving content that is relative to them, not something that is simply sent out to the masses.


One of the primary benefits of using variable data addressing and personalization is the increase in orders that is typically seen. This is something that has been proven time and time again. Since the orders are increasing, it is also reducing the amount of money that you are spending for each response that you receive. Finally, the benefits of variable data include improvements in repeat business. If you regularly send mailings to your existing customers, it can help to generate additional trust and can increase your bottom line considerably.


One of the pieces of information that may be changed through variable data addressing and personalization is text. This can have a significant impact, especially if you are adjusting the headlines of the mailing to match the recipient. You can either change the text to personalize the information or you can change the information to match the area. In either case, it offers a unique presentation that will grab the attention of the user.


Images are sometimes changed in variable data addressing and personalization. When you use Cyber Press for your printing needs, you can send us the images that you would like included in the mailing. We are able to rotate through the images or to make them specific to the area or individual that is receiving the mailing. It is a very powerful marketing tool that can make a significant impact in your success.


If you are ready to experience the power of variable data addressing and personalizing in your direct mail campaigns, you can call the professionals at Cyber Press. Not only do we offer personalized service to our customers and professional printing, we can assist you in making your concept for the mailing a reality. Call Cyber Press at (408) 970-9200 today for more information or fill out the form on our website so that we can get back with you to answer your questions and get you started.