CASS and NCOAA USPS certification

Direct mail is a very powerful form of advertising that is used by many businesses. There are things that can be done which can increase its effectiveness, however, such as CASS an NCOA USPS certification. Doing this properly can increase the delivery rate and reduce your fees, in many cases. We can provide this for you as part of your direct mailing campaign when you use the services of Cyber Press to your benefit. Contact Cyber Press today at (408) 970-9200 for more information about our printing, mailing and fulfillment services. You can also discuss the CASS and NCOA USPS certifications, which we care for as well.


CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certification allows the USPS to determine the accuracy of any software that is used to match street addresses. This type of certification is a benefit to businesses that use direct mail, because it improves the quality of the address list that is being provided. They can also be beneficial because it creates the zip+ 4, instead of the more commonly used, 5 digit ZIP Code which also improves accuracy and can decrease postage.


NCOA is the National Change of Address database that is held by the USPS. When an individual or company moves to a new address, any time in the last 4 years and has filled out the proper forms, your direct mail will be received by them at the new address. It is also possible to run an existing list of addresses through NCOA certification, which sees a typical improvement of the database of 5%. There is a minimal charge that is caused for using NCOA, and you can contact Cyber Press for more information about the service.


The benefits of using CASS and NCOA USPS certification include the ability to follow customers, rather than losing them when they moved to a new address. If you have a database of existing customers, you may be losing them regularly as they move. Using the NCOA certification helps to reduce the likelihood.


Using NCOA certification also helps you to increase your return on investment. Not only are you reaching more of your customers accurately, you are also reducing the amount of money that you are spending on postal rates. Even if one of your customers had a PO Box that has been closed without a forwarding address, it can be corrected through NCOA certification so that you are not sending unnecessary material.


Call Cyber Press at (408) 970-9200 for more information as to how we can provide you with CASS and NCOA certification. We offer a number of services that you will find a benefit in your direct mailing efforts. These include professional printing, as well as mailing and fulfillment services. If you would like more information about what we have to provide and how we can make your direct mailing even more successful, call us today. One of our friendly professionals would be happy to assist you in seeing how your next direct mail campaign can be your most successful campaign.