The image quality of large format digital prints arehighly comparable quality to conventional lithographed poster printing. However, large format digital prints are more affordable in price, even when just a few copies are needed. Our six-color printer is able to print up to 60” wide using transparent dyes as well as pigmented inks. State-of-the-art color management software and calibration achieves consistent results. These cost-efficient, yet bold and beautiful posters are printed on a wide variety of rollable media, including gloss paper, cardstock, as well as rigid substrates such as direct printing on Foamboard, Gatorboard, and Sintra. Printed at 1,200 dpi, our photo quality posters are ideal for point of sale signage and other close-range graphics. Banner Express is the best resource for online poster printing in Silicon Valley.

Coated Photo Paper
Coated photo paper or gloss paper is recommended most for large format, photo quality digital printing. The option for gloss, matte or dry erase lamination is available as well as mounting rigid substrates such as Foamboard, Gatorboard or Sintra. Mounted posters are often used in combination with an easel backing for displays at trade shows or countertop POP advertising.

Uncoated Paper
Uncoated paper or cardstock is a sturdy, heavy-weight matte paper. Large format uncoated posters look brilliant with high resolution photo realistic images. Cardstock is commonly used for temporary indoor point of sale signage and can be laminated with a gloss or matte finish.

Direct Print to Foam Board
For a lightweight cost-effective indoor poster, Foam board is the most favored for indoor media. Foam board posters are composed of a lightweight foam center with a paper backing on each side. Our standard size is 3/16 in, which fits into most display stands. It is most recommended for temporary rigid indoor posters and project boards. Direct printing to Foam board takes color well, and it is easily customizable to size and exceptionally lightweight in contrast to its rigid properties. Our new flatbed printer enables us to directly print on Foam board, cutting down the manufacturing process and saving extra material and cost.

Direct Print to Gator Board
Gator board is stronger than Foam board, but is equally lightweight. It is a heavy duty compound, composed of an extruded polystyrene foam bonded in between two wood-fiber veneers. Gator board delivers a combination of minimal weight while sustaining a high-load capacity and is ideal for graphic displays and photo mounting. The standard thickness for Gatorboard printing is 3/16 in. Direct printing to Gatorboard is the most advised for poster printing and mounting without have to worry about fragility or weight.

Direct Print to Sintra Board
Sintra is primarily used for long-term outdoor signage, and is an acid-free rigid plastic made of high-density closed-cell PVC board that resists moisture and even some chemicals, which makes it great for construction boards, real-estate sign posts, and exterior retail signs.  Our 1/8 in Sintra is the standard thickness. However, we also offer a 1/4 in Sintra for  industrial signage. Both have the option to be digitally cut to shape.  Sintra-specific hardware is available in our Displays and Stands, including the A-Frame Signicade, Chrome Display Stand and PVC A-Frame.

Eco Poster Board
In comparison to our uncoated photo paper, Eco poster board is a thicker 24 pt recyclable cardstock and coated on one side. It is great for temporary, short-run indoor posters such as bus cards.  Eco poster board prints are produced on a flatbed printer at a maximum size of 24 in x 36 in.


Mondi Board
Our New Mondi Board is 50 point board, which is an excellent green solution to your POP display needs. Our 50 point board is produced from 100% recycled fiber, and can be recycled with your cardboard. This is a truly 100% end-to-end green product!

We typically stock 48×96 sheets of material, so we can produce your displays at just about any size. This product can be printed single and double sided for all your interior signage needs.